Driving a truck is not an easy task, regardless what may people say. A truck driver must possess exceptional skills in order to keep up with the requirements of this rather difficult task. In fact, generally, those people who are good truck drivers are even better car drivers, don`t you agree? Also, truckers are often put in difficult situations where they have to show what they got! For instance, when it comes to driving on a narrow road or taking a very sharp turn where there is room simply for the exact length of the vehicle and truckers have to make several maneuvers, just like thisĀ VOLVO FH 16 600.

Such situations reveal the truckers` skills! As a matter of fact, the video we have prepared for you today combines everything we said before! It already sounds amazing, and it will be even more once you see the footage below! It features one well-known European heavy duty truck, VOLVO FH 16 600! This time, the Swedish truck plays the role of HUGE lumberjack! In other words, you are going to see this man made moving fortress carrying a large number of long and heavy tree trunks while trying to make a U turn on a narrow road! Thumbs up for this driver!

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