The famous movie trilogy Back to the Future gave us the hoverboard, a levitating board that is used for personal transportation. And even though it still does not actually exist, there have been quite a few efforts into making the hoverboard a reality. And in this particular video, we can witness an actual hoverboard that really flies!

In what can be described as a purely magical moment, we witness the creation of a young Canadian inventor, who managed to construct a hoverboard that flies him over a lake!

By using 8 sets of rotating blades and a small platform, this intelligent inventor has made a great leap into finally creating the hoverboard so many people desire. Although it is probably still in its early phases, this video proves us that something like the actual hoverboard can actually be made. How many people would actually dare to ride this, it will remain a mystery.

But one thing can be said for sure, if this becomes a reality, the hoverboard will take the world by storm! We can only hope that one day we can enjoy it, but until then, we have this video to keep our hopes high!

If you want to read something more about the Guinness winner’s invention follow this link!