Very Rare Nissan Skyline Bee R 324 GTR Caught on Video!

Today, in this post, we have prepared something really, really special for you, a never ending wet dream of every gearhead in the world and one of the extremely rare examples from the fabulous Skyline GTR family, a Nissan Skyline Bee R 324. From the first moment I had lay my eyes on this beauty -- perfectly taken care off, with a great metallic blue paint job – I started to feel the high level of beats in my veins.

This model of Nissan Skyline, named Bee R 324 is based on modified version of Nissan R32 GTR Skyline, with some additions from the R34 model and originally, it was made for a special and small group of customers in its native Japan (Bee-R is a Japanese tuning company), but later a handful of units found its way to Europe and North America. Therefore I have not even seen of a Nissan Skyline Bee*R 324 model with left side driving composition.

This one that you will see in the video is also right hand traffic and it is filmed somewhere in Great Britain and we are very much thankful to the creator of this video for giving us this moments of pleasure!

Anyway, check out this rare Dodge lifted on big wheels!

Enjoy the video below!

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