Vaughn Gittin Jr Drifts, Jumps and Drives Through Fire With a Mustang!

From time to time, we often have the desire to see something more. To experience something no one else has experienced! But, it all sums up to WATCHING someone doing stuff we are eager to see! So, take a look at Vaughn Gittin Jr.`s performance for Monster Energy! You will literally be jaw dropped after he shows you the way he handles his ride! Wait for it, and you will see how a human being can jump and drive through fire with its own vehicle! Many compare him to Ken Block. So what do you think, can he cope with him and his way of getting jobs done?

Find out yourself!

driving trough fire

Watch the amazing Video after the jump!

Vaughn Gittin Jr., commonly known as JR or Gittin, is an American self-taught professional drifter from Maryland who currently competes in the Formula D series fore more, Check it out on this link!