V8 2-Stroke Engine With Electronic Fuel Injection!

Check this  amazing V8 2-Stroke Engine based on Evinrude 300XP -91, with home made expansion chambers and milled away exhaust and electronic fuel injection.

At first glance this engine looks like an alien from a science fiction movie. But later on, once you hear it running, that impression disappears and we know that it is a word of an item made by humans from the planet Earth. See how easily this motor starts, only with a tiny contact. Moreover, listen to that cool idling and revving sound which suits a racing car, not a boat. Apart from the fact that this is a boat engine, its creators claim that it won`t be used as such. Who knows what they have in mind. Any ideas?

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3 thoughts on “V8 2-Stroke Engine With Electronic Fuel Injection!

  1. f33l


    VIDEO STATES “This engine will get electronic fuel injection and will not be used in a boat..”

    and my ears AGREE so untill they do….

  2. ronald

    Thats awsome, what kind of block is that?

  3. Jay

    And it went in a Volvo 122 coupe (Amazon)

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