V16 HOT ROD (Twin 900HP V8) By Sire Custom Performance!

Check out this insane V16 HOT ROD (Twin V8) By Sire Custom Performance! Walk-around & Burnout!

This vehicle leaves you in awe simply with the thought that it has two engines setting it in motion! Listening to them is a pure music for every gearhead`s ears. So don`t hesitate to turn the full screen mode on and the volume of your sound devices up! This vehicle deserves it. And lot more. It has Twin Sbc chevrolet engines with over 900HP 2307lbs and goes from 0-60 under 3 sec, mid 9’s on 1/4 mile and gear limited to 180mph. We still don’t know how do they keep both of the engines running together at the same time…

Anyway, all the action is gathered in the second video. Albeit it is “just” a burnout it is still impressive! You simply cannot remain nonchalant when watching all that power in action! Plus, the revving sound is more than a bonus! And the produced smoke is complimentary.

Finally, we give you these 15 amazing hot rods!

Enjoy the video below!

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