This US Army HUMVEE Has No Problems Driving Through Heavy Traffic In The Middle East!

We have all been there. Sitting stuck in traffic and wishing you can just drive over every car that comes in your path. However, according to the law here in the United States, we must keep our cool in such a scenario. Well, this US Army Humvee vehicle doesn`t have any problems in traffic whatsoever. The Humvee is a very serious war wagon. It has a do-anything and go-anywhere platform. This is perfectly shown in the video below. We don`t want to imply that this Humvee driver is not following the laws. However, this vehicle sure has some privileges while plowing through traffic.

This driver drives in traffic like a God. He drives the way we all wished we could when we are frustrated in heavy traffic. This US Army Humvee vehicle is showing its abilities in a very crowded street located in Baghdad. We watch as this Humvee driver is getting to his destination in a very peculiar way. While traveling, he slams into different cars. On top of that, he drives in the opposite lane where nobody would even dare to try. This we can perfectly understand. We wouldn`t want to get in this Humvee`s way as well. Watch the video below and see a driving method that many people will wish they could implement.

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