Universal Studios Future Plans Unveiled! There Will Be At Least Fast & Furious 10!

The Fast and Furious franchise continues to be one of the most common headlines of the world`s media as questions about its future have kept asking after the tragic death of the leading actor Paul Walker. The new information is that the franchise will keep growing even after the premiere of the seventh part in the beginning of April next year, as the plans of the Universal Studios are to release at least three more parts. So far, the franchise had made over $2 billion according to the world box office official numbers. Every new part was making far more dollars than the previous, but that cannot be said for the third one (Tokyo Drift) where the overall earnings were the lowest, around $150,000. However, the tragic demise of leading character Brian O`Connor will not stop the producers of this magnificent movie franchise from making more movies! The Universal Studios future plans are excellent news for any Fast and Furious fan!

Nevertheless, one thing is sure – Furious 7 will be one of the best action movies ever and the fact that we will have the opportunity to see Paul Walker`s last scenes will surely help this movie to reach the top. According that, there is no doubt that this actor is and always will be an integral part of the franchise and time will show who will be his decent successor. Furthermore, many fans of the movie franchise would agree with us when we say that the spirit of leading character Brian O`Connor should live on! This is why we were really happy when we found out the Universal Studios future plans! All that is left for us Fast and Furious fans is to wait and see how many new movies will be released!

One more thing, before you go, make sure to CHECK OUT THE “FURIOUS 7” TRAILER!

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13 thoughts on “Universal Studios Future Plans Unveiled! There Will Be At Least Fast & Furious 10!

  1. josh

    im not complaining about there being 10 as i love these films but what else could they possibly do?

  2. Srinaath

    who is going to play the role of paul walker in future movies of fast and furious??????

    1. His brother looks just like him. That’s who will play Brian role, unless they did something in this movie to cut those parts…

  3. kevin

    they could go back to the original story line similar to the first 2 movies

  4. Love the movie I’m a big fan can’t wait to see the next move and the other one.and so sorry to hear hear about Paul walker death.please tell everyone I wish the best for them.I’m a very big fan all of y’all are very good actressy’all couldn’t take any better actress thatis the best actress and best movies I’ve ever seen is the fast and fariousI wished I could have been in one of them and that would have made my dreams through thanks for reading and one question is Paul Walker other ones or what’s going to happen or what

    1. Derek

      Awesome actor!

  5. Desde la primera parte asta la 6 son grandes movies no me pierdo ninguna y se que cody walker hermano de Paul walker seguirá en la serie fast and the furious 7 y las otras partes y también me gustaría en la parte 8 que volvieran a poner a teo calderon y don omar

  6. Derek

    There is always a new story to be had by the series, if you think about it. I think they will just add Paul’s brother into the next movies. RIP Paul Walker, you will be missed.

  7. Dan

    They could go back to where it all start. Torreto’s story.

  8. corey

    If they do keep making these they need to go back to just racing.

  9. Gordon Stone

    I am a big fan of the fast and furious but who is going to play in the rest and will be more racing in them like in the start of it

  10. clayton

    they shoud make at least 10 movies all with Vin Diesel!

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