Unique Custom Russian Bike! This Thing Can Go Everywhere!

Now if you are a unique, original and custom made bikes, the video you are about to see will definitely blow your mind – it sure as hell blew mine! Unfortunately there is not much of English info that you can find about the video and the main role in it, the guy and his amazing (I guess) home built motorcycle! One thing is for sure, it is a Russian bike.

But as much as it matters to have a certain specs on a bike like this, as much as the same it does not matter in this case, because the demonstration of it abilities and performances are super amazing. The guy is riding it throughout the woods, in the most unimaginable places, in a mud, climbs almost 90 degrees rocks, than washes it in the river and the entire machine is so light, that from what we can see on the video, he picks it up with one hand, with no significant effort.

And the best is saved for last! After the whole journey and woods experience is over, he reassembles it many parts and puts it in two bags like you would a kit tool in a bag. And than puts the bags in the trunk of his small car and calls the day off. Truly magnificent, just watch the Russian bike video and enjoy it!

Anyway, how about these custom bikes?

Enjoy the video below!

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