This LS Motor Was Mounted In A Children’s TOY Car!

If you want to live a happy life, then never let the kid inside of you grow up. Always be who you are and don`t give a darn about things said by others. But, let`s stick to the point here. Alright, now we are in a gearhead mode! People can be loco enough and put an LS motor that fits the toy car!

Sometimes fun comes into small packages. It is true that bigger is better, however from times to times it`s good to try something different. For example, those small motorbikes can be really entertaining! It`s more difficult to operate them but that`s what makes the whole thing fun. On the other hand, there are small size car, primarily intended for children but there are grown up who are creative enough and buy one for themselves. Right when you think that`s it, actually that`s when the fun begins!

With this, the excitement is brought to a whole new level and from that point on you don`t want to stop! Additionally, our guy here does a WHEELIE! Now you can understand how the kids are feeling when are told to leave the car and join us for lunch! Isn’t this LS motor endeavor crazy?

Plus, follow this link to see the powerful RC Liebherr Dozer. This little thing can carry its owner! Impressive!