Can A 2013 FORD F350 TRUCK Pull A 15000 POUNDS LOAD?

It does not matter if you are a Chevy or a Ford lover, you are going to be impressed by this. The DieselSellerz Boys put this 2013 Ford F350 Truck powered by a Power Stroke engine to the ultimate test. It had to pull a 15000 pounds low across one of the steepest areas during a climb of 3500 ft. And it did fabulously!

Now, regarding a vehicle like this, you want to see how it performance in an actual situations, so on the road is where it counts. And it did superbly well. It never reached over the line values and the boys were impressed. They never really pushed it over the limit, to be honest, because they did not want to heat it up too much.

Nevertheless, they got to the summit safe and sound and that is all that counts. That is why they drove at 60 miles per hour, a comfortable ride which will not go unnoticed.

The Ford F350 Truck passed the test easily and no one expected anything but that. It proves to be the right vehicle for this kind of endeavors with its power and tenacity. The boys were impressed and so will you!

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