Ultimate Super Duty Face Off: 7.3 L vs 6.4 L in Tug Of War Trucks Battle! No Replacement for Displacement! 

This time, we have something great for you all. A tug of war trucks battle that is in epic proportions. We know that we have all seen many videos in which these big and mighty trucks are showing off their power and strength and very often, trying to prove to each other which one is better and stronger. Amongst the many ways it can be done (some of them more, others less exciting and attractive), pulling trucks battle has always been the most direct resolution of all these arguments and disputes. Thus, in today`s post, we have prepared one of those videos, in which two Super Duty Trucks, powerful and terrifying looking, one with a 7.3 liter engine, the other a bit smaller, with a 6.4 liter under the hood. Truly this means that an extraordinary tug of war trucks battle is in store.

It is happening out, at night, on an empty parking lot which has been transformed into a real pulling ground battle area. If you asked me before watching this video, who do I expect to be the winner from this pulling battle, I would have told you that it is going to be very tight, giving a small advantage to the bigger brother. But as you are about to see it for yourself, the advantage is a little bit bigger than what we thought it would be. However, always in tug of war trucks competitions such as these, the engine is not the most important thing. The most important thing, of course, is the traction. And we can see in this video that this battle is a battle of traction. It is a real proof about which tires stick better. The truck that loses almost always is the one that first loses traction.

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