When a man takes a look at the clear blue sky, and sees a helicopter carrying an entire airliner like it was no big deal, it cannot feel anything else but an ultimate awe and respect for all that greatness and power. And that machine is the Russian-built Mil Mi 26 helicopter, officially the biggest and most powerful helicopter in the world!

The very first Mi-26 also known as the Halo, had its first flight back in 1977, but the first standard production line began on October 4th 1980, and the final works on its development were finished in 1983. It serves both in the military and as a commercial aircraft.

It was based on the heavier model known as Mil Mi-12 (which was a prototype) from the early 1970s, and it is designed to have an empty weight less than half from its maximum take-off weight capability.

The Mil Mi 26 Helicopter`s designer is Marat Tishchenko. It was built by the Moscow based Mil Helicopters and it stands pretty much the same height as a regular 3-story building.

The video below that we have prepared for you today, is a demonstration of this flying monster`s capability to carry a commercial airliner from one place to another. So take a look at it and when you`ll see just how easy it handles such a huge and heavy cargo, I believe that you will also feel nothing but utter awe and respect, which powerful machine like this one deserves!

And if you want to find out more technical details about the MIL Mi-26 helicopter, go to this link.