Steve Summers Camaro Twin Turbo Looks More Like Camaro With Airplane Turbos! Warm Up And Test Here!

You can recognize a car and value it just from seeing it for the first time. That`s exactly the connection we felt with this Z/28 Camaro Twin Turbo! The video starts and the clear and shiny white body tells you – THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE! The parachutes are ready, it`s all there, all you need now is to nail it on the track!

This is a video where the Summers team is testing their beast – the Camaro Twin Turbo! Just seeing this monster under the hood makes you wonder… What the hell is this?! We are supposed to be racing cars with engines not turbo jets! Well, you know what they say, there is no such thing as too much power! And this is the proof for real!

We would be highly disappointed if this Camaro Twin Turbo does not enter the 5 second club one day. That day might not be next week or month, but it will definitely come!

Since you are all fans of this web page, we assume you love MUSCLE CARS! So, which one is your favorite? Is it a Mustang, Chevy or maybe a Dodge? However, if you are a Camaro fan, than you have to see this video! These guys are making an ultimate SUPER-FAST Kooks ProMod/NMCA Pro Street Camaro, so wait until you see this! It is definitely taken on the next level as the SUMMERS TEAM made sure about that! Here is a test of this, should we say JET POWERED Chevrolet Camaro and its Twin Precision 88mm Turbos, Jasiek Racing Engines, Big Stuff3, Liberty transmission, CFE Heads…!!! That was about it, it is now your turn to be amazed, we already did our part!

Twin Turbo? Looks More Like Camaro With Airplane Turbos!Warm up & Test!

Finally, if you want to see a Dodge Viper Twin Turbo screaming, follow this link!