Turkish Method of Truck Towlift – (GONE WRONG)! Must Watch!

When there is a method of Truck Towlift or some other machine of that kind that is involved in resolving a problem with a wrecked car or vehicle that has to be towed in general, there is always a possibility that something can go wrong and end up looking funny.

Now, the way these Turkish guys are handling things is definitely from that category, where things usually finish in a funny manner. It is not all that clear whether the tow truck guys are trying to help the owner of the white car or they are towing the car for being parked illegally, the end of the maneuver is not lucky for the car or his owner.

They are trying to pick up the vehicle and place it on the tow truck, but not being secure of what they are doing, things are hanging by a threat and of course, pretty fast there is nothing to hang on to! If this is the standard procedure of handling the tow trucks in Turkey, than I suggest you do not rent a car if you decide to visit.

Interesting and funny video at the expense on everyone involved.

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Enjoy the video below!

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