Trying Out & Testing Chevy Turbo Powered 240 S13 SX!

There is something special in testing the car while it still being in preparation faze, taking it out for a first drive to see and feel how is your work progressing practically, which path should your vision take to get to the finish you desire so much. Only a strong desire and a visionary mind is needed when one is dealing with a bunch of metal, steel and aluminum that use to be a fine piece of machinery and in a future should fulfill the place in your garage for your perfect ride. We all know that is much easier to simply take out the money from your wallet and pay for your dream car. But when you are a true aficionado in great cars, nothing will stop you to get to your final destination. This is how the guy in this video must feel, getting his car piece by piece, component after component placed and done correctly and slowly but for sure, the jigsaw starts to take its final shape and form. This is the first drive of the V8 Chevy Turbo Powered 240 S13 SX and if you take a closer look, you will notice the positive vibes in the face of the owner of soon to be a great turbocharged V8 240 S13 SX.

Enjoy the video below!

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