TrestleJack – An Axle Support Stand That Has A Carrying Capacity Of 30 Tons!

There are various technologies on the market that has managed to remain relatively the same even though they are invented a couple of decades ago. One such example is the jacking systems which have remained almost the same for all of these years they exist. There is one philosophy that people tend to follow and that`s – “if it is not broken there`s no need to fix it. However, if something more efficient comes along, we think that it would be very stupid to ignore it. So, in this one, we stumbled upon a brand new axle support stand innovation that it`s bound to leave you in awe.

This axle support stand goes by the name of TrestleJack. Whenever you need to lift your heavy load trailer, you can definitely rely on this fascinating innovation that has a carrying capacity of up to 30-Ton! It`s also not time consuming at all enabling you to lift a heavy trailer in just 10 seconds. The TrestleJack has a very fascinating basic concept which uses driving motion to lower and lift trailer axles. It`s also worth mentioning that the TrestleJack doesn`t need a person underneath the trailer for the lifting or lowering procedures. This makes a much safer working environment when compared to conventional lifting jacks.

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