TOP NEWS! Tomorrow (27th of March), a new Equus will rise! Join us for the reveal:

equus 2013 new york auto show!

Tomorrow on 27th of March, new Equus Centennial) will be unveilled . Join us for the the Equus Debut:  Join us on  27th of March, 2013 to watch the Live Broadcast of the New York Auto Show! #NYIAS #hyundai #livestream About 7,200 people bought this full-size luxury sedan. Hyundai is selling Equus in  U.S. since its debut in 2010. Read my next article: How Hyundai went from Joke, to the Fastest Growing Automaker and 4th Largest Car Manufacturer! Read my previous article: 24 Years of Hyundai Coupe Evolution! (1989 – 2013) Eight Hyundai Models That Still Turns Heads !