DRIFT RACING ON The HIGHWAY IS BANNED? Think Twice! This Guy With A BMW E30 Does NOT Think So!!!

If this was a quiz and we were to ask you: “Is Drift Racing on the Highway illegal?” You would answer negatively. If you want to pass the quiz, of course! But if you are a guy that gives more philosophical way, you would say that it`s all subjective! For example, this guy definitely does not find drift racing on the highway illegal! He simply takes his BMW E30 and does his thing in the fast lane! It is interesting that he finds his victims on the way! He does not do scheduled races, he goes out and drifts around certain vehicles that were unlucky to see him that day!

You thought the highway drifting is not legal? Well, this guy does NOT think so and we highly recommend to not try this on the open road or the street because I’m pretty sure you will have a problem with the law in any country or state.

According to the information we got, this tuned   BMW 3 Series has more than 560HP and it looks like it is the right car for a joyride & unlimited high speed drifting fun (but not on the open road, but on some racing track).

This tuned BMW E30, the car many of us love and probably had it as a poster in our room is outstanding! It does not really look amazing from the outside, but with the horsepower it has, the expression LOOKS DON`T MATTER finally has sense! However, the skills this one has are really insane! The thing he does with his 3rd series of BMW and the drift racing is real ART!

Share your opinion with us and tell us which part of this drifting performance is your favorite?

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30 thoughts on “DRIFT RACING ON The HIGHWAY IS BANNED? Think Twice! This Guy With A BMW E30 Does NOT Think So!!!

  1. n.


    1. cock tail

      NO! Sweden…

      1. CACA

        Same Thing Different Package 😉

    2. When are all the clowns on here going to realize this is being done on public roads .Go to a race circuit and be Johnny Hero , if you want to do this crap . One day this clown will screw up and take a life or life`s , all because of his ignorance and selfishness . And when they catch you doing this crap , make them watch them hit their car with a bulldozer and a 10 year suspension , meaning that applies to race circuits as well …. ……………….

  2. Anders

    My favorite video…

  3. Ron Garske

    Awesome, wrong place to prove it.
    Where’s a Trooper when you need one. ..:-)

    1. jorda

      wouldn’t be able to catch that beast anyway :p

  4. Becky

    I hope he gets caught (hello license plate) and charged filed

  5. Pam Turner

    BAd behaviour…this driver was obviously highly skilled, …SHAME ON YOU

    1. John


  6. Chris

    Lots of power! What a waist of money…

    1. Atma

      Totally agree with you ! It’s ugly!

  7. pedro

    I have done better by mistake lol

  8. Mark

    Like it no I love it it bad,take a lot of skills to do that …

  9. You guys are just jealous it’s really funny to read the comments… It’s not winter so he has more control and I dont see him trying to cross the limit… he keeps a distance between him and vehicle/ borders. So props for the nice video and I like your car. 😉

  10. Will

    Guy asking where the trooper is, this is clearly not the US. He isn’t getting anywhere close to any cars and he seems to be keeping everything very under control. Hope he keeps it up

  11. steve

    He must has got out the car after this and been disappointed to realise he is still shorter than his girlfriend. Plus how thick he must be to leave his licence plate in full view.

  12. Muppet

    It’s in Sweden! Matter of fact it’s in Strängnäs!

  13. Frankie Lane


  14. crash and die

    why risk other peoples life? and why does people think this is cool?

  15. Steve

    Cops are never around when you need one

  16. Clark

    Seriously, I wouldn’t call that drifting. Just some wannabe boy racer who was able to put his foot down for a bit to lose a tiny bit of traction. There wasn’t a single maintained drift .

  17. Michael

    Clark you’re so jealous 🙂

  18. Johnny

    This isnt even Drifting, this is Redneck sliding..

  19. Micheal

    Not very impressive I do more in my full size truck

  20. Evan

    The E30 is so awesome <3

  21. tommy

    no drifting at all ….

  22. Mark Reuterskiold

    Where was the drifting?

  23. kiza

    that is six silinder by e46 engine ? or v10 bmw ..? because that engine have similar sound

  24. vidar

    this is why insurance is so expensive

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