This V Twin DIESEL Motorcycle Will Leave You Speechless!

Custom made vehicles, especially bikes, are always beating the standards with their interesting parts that overshadow even the most popular brands. Luckily for us, today we have the opportunity to see one more marvelous creation, a Punsun V Twin Diesel motorcycle made during high school days with a budget of only $3500.

Made for the prom night or not, this vehicle is a pure bull eye for all sport bikes` lovers, who love the smell of a diesel engine. It can produce 20 HP, enough for cruising around and it has 812cc. Moreover, according to the owner`s statements, this bike was rated at 15HP as the max continuous at 3000rpm and 20hp at 3600rpm and that is the main reason it should be better not driven at 70mph. At the end of the day, the engine is mounted between the legs of the driver and it would not be smart to increase the speed just like that.

What is more interesting about this vehicle is that it started its activity as a 1975 Honda CB500T and today is one good looking bike that can impress even the most picky experts.

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