Truck Throwing Exhaust Flames Like Never at 2014 Detroit Autorama!

As you all know well, the Detroit Autorama Car Show is one of the best car expos, in the capitol of the American car industry, where all sorts of spectacles are taking place, featured with a great number of celebrity guests. Here you can see some of the greatest achievements in the custom car manufacturing, unusual hot rods, trucks and motorcycles and many more… Amongst the various things that could have been seen at this year`s Detroit Autorama Car Show, one thing that grab the attention of all curious eyes was Bob Motz’s Semi Jet Truck that made one hell of a `light show` with his exhaust flames.

We have all seen some crazy stuff when the vehicle`s engine starts throwing flames and rise up the adrenalin to the boiling point. Well if you thought that you have seen it all, than hold that though for a while until you see Bob Motz doing his thing with his Semi Jet Monster Truck.

This guy almost set the GMC building on fire with the amount of flames he had produced with his truck. You may think that I`m exaggerating, but wait until you see the exhaust flames video bellow.

Wonder how fast can a semi truck travel? Follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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