NO MORE SNOW PROBLEMS With The MTT-136 Electric Sled!

You heard that right, an electric sled! Most people would simply shrug the idea seeing how popular the current models of snowmobiles are but trust me, this baby will make your day nothing short from amazing.  It can run around 28-130 miles on a single battery, all depending on your battery type of course, while the recharge timer for them is approximately around 15 minutes and up to 8 hours. I kid you not when I say that this will be one of the smoothest runs of your life. It is a multi terrain electric sled which means you can drive it on other grounds beside snow.

One of its most peculiar specializations is that it can be re-arranged so that it can be used, for example to help you with pushing your car if it`s stuck in the snow, or even with loading up a lot of groceries on top of it. Let us not forget the driving backwards thing without having any issues. The manual control is sweet since you are able to freely do the popular drifting on the snow. In case you thought this may not be compatible then don`t worry since it is literally able to integrate with any snowmobile frames. The only thing left for is the check out the video bellow and let this futuristic sled amaze you!

If you want to see something more about this electric sled follow this link!