About a century ago, flying cars were just a product of people`s imagination regarding the new millennium. But today, we are witnesses of the century-old idea! Although, the flying cars do not look like as people were imagining them, it is still a huge step forward! Today`s article is about one such idea that is predicted to become a reality sooner than you might think. We are referring to the TF-X™ TERRAFUGIA FLYING CAR!

The video below presents the concept of this flying vehicle, which is in its early development stages and is expected to be presented to the public in a time period between 8-12 years from now. There are no exact details about the pricing, but due to the company`s costs, the TF-X™ will match the price tag of a modern opulent vehicle. Moreover, this unit will be made to have a 500 miles range and to reach speeds of up to 200 mph while in air. Terrafugia has paid a lot attention about safety details as well. The TF-X™ Terrafugia flying car will be able to warn you whether it`s safe to take off, due to weather conditions, it will possess emergency landing features, it can avoid other air traffic and much more.

At last, click here to see the flying two-seater car concept by VW. It looks amazing!