Auto Moto sports as well as Extreme sports, have collaborated with Red Bull many times for many years now and what we have to say and we are sure that you will agree is that they always made a BOOM out of it! This time, they launched the inspiring BMX project called KALEIDOSCOPE! In order to complete this project, the guys needed young and creative people who are addicted to extreme sports at the same time!

Perfect for the part was KRISS KYLE who is widely known to be the most talented and uniquely creative BMX rider of his generation!

This short INSPIRING BMX film allows us to see the young biker as he performs first time tricks that were never seen before by the public eye. As the environment is changing and the ramps and pools open and close, the stunt rider manages to find his way out and give us the best 4 minutes in our lives where we literally enjoy every second!

The ever-changing environment might be a metaphor describing the World that advances very fast as young people try to fit in it! Check out this magnificent film! Enjoy it!

Plus, click here to enter the Kaleidoscope and watch the rest of this project’s videos!