This Is How You SHOULD NOT DRIVE! Amateur Driver Crashes a BMW M4!!! It Hurts To WATCH!

When you get the chance to see a BMW M4 coupe on the streets the last thing you want to see is how it crashes. Something similar is to be seen in this footage. Just a regular ordinary sunny day in Blackhawk, California, when all of a sudden a red BMW M4 leaves a certain Cars & Coffee shop.

It surprised everyone when the driver suddenly lost control over the vehicle and crashed into a sidewalk nearby! It hurts seeing this beauty crashed. When you see it happen it`s like the car was your own. Luckily for the driver there was no oncoming traffic when he found himself driving in the opposite direction!

Moreover, there was a light pole he avoided. Who knows how big the damage would have been if he went directly into it! So maybe the message from this video should be: “Do not drive big cars if you cannot handle them!” Or if you can so, then be more careful because you don`t want to get yourself in trouble, neither do you want to put others at risk. Watch the video and give your own opinion!