If You Do Your BMW M3 Drift Like This Guy You’ll Wreck It!

This Is Exactly Why You Should Learn To do your new BMW M3 Drift right! If you don`t know how to drift, and you want to learn that process, we`d suggest to try it in an older car. Because you definitely do not want to end up embarrassed like this guy here wrecking his brand new automobile. Actually, if you look closely this driver doesn`t really know how to drift. The one time when he got it right, he hit the giant tire by the track (from all the empty space!). Additionally, he didn`t have to attempt to perform a counterdrift in the first place when he was already doing well at that side. But, he learned the lesson the hard way.

E90 = Ego. (See the relation?)
Big enough? Was.
Shattered? Absolutely.
I honestly can’t stop laughing.

Finally, take a moment to enjoy this BMW drift clash!

Enjoy the video below!

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