This Quad DRIVER Goes IN & OUT Of This Devils HOT TUB!

This Quad DRIVER Goes IN & OUT Of This Devils HOT TUB!  Can You Do This?!

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Today we have a really funny story from the Diary of a bunch of friends! This is a story about amazing quads! It is a real adventure and it takes place in Moab, Utah! However, couple of friends took their ATVs and went for a ride in the desserts! This is nothing special, but just wait for it! Utility All-Terrain Vehicles or if you wish UTV for short, may not be the first typical choice for taking on a very challenging Moab course.

Like the one in Utah called the Devils Highway. This specific and vile course is very similar to Mickey`s Hot Tub, and it got a similar obstacle also, and like The Devils Highway the Mickey`s Hot Tub is also located in Moab. However the Devil`s Highway Tub is a lot deeper and nastier for even super modified SUVs and 4×4 trucks to attempt.

We can see in this video, that these guys attempted this bold move with their amazing quads after it rained. And of course, this means that there is going to a lot of water in this devilish pit. Forget about the water though, there is going to be a lot of oil, grease and a decent amount of other nasty lubricants being left over from all kinds of other all-terrain vehicles which have tried this bold move.

Yeah, when you think these amazing quads just can`t impress us more, we are being proven wrong.

Now, you have probably heard about the so called HOT TUBS! But have you ever heard of someone going down there with his VEHICLE and then drive right back out?! Well, after seeing this video, you can say you have!

Check out the video, and tell us what you think about it! Those amazing quads are out of this world! They can go on all terrains for sure!