This Guy is Genius! He Made a Perfect RC Giant SR-71 Blackbird Remote Control Turbine Jet!

Many of us have some kind of hobbies that we love to do. For most of us though, a hobby is something you do in your free time that relaxes you and provides you with fun. On the other hand, some people take their hobbies to a completely other level! Especially if the hobby includes building things, or in this specific case, an RC giant SR-71 Blackbird turbine jet! What can we say other than some people are really ambitious about what they do in their leisure time! After seeing a few R/C Airplanes that are perfect replicas to the originals, it is hard to say which one is the best or favorite, but this Blackbird jet, a brainchild originating from the genius mind of Roger Knobel, is most definitely amongst the ones that are seriously `competing` about that position. And the video that we have prepared for you in this post will only prove it.

We have a greatly shot and edited video of SR-71 Blackbird, powered by a Behotec Turbine engine that gives us an opportunity to watch this magnificent piece of engineering in all its beauty and glory. It is the first RC giant Blackbird designed, constructed and built by Roger, and after the success of the first one, he made another three perfect replicas. In the following video we can see this RC giant Blackbird turbine Jet`s first flight into the air and I have got to tell you that it is darn impressive. Just listen to the sound that it makes (it makes my neck skin crawl), it is if as a real Blackbird is flying in the sky. A genius piece of work. We will now leave you to watch the footage for yourselves, it is quite nice. Enjoy the video!

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7 thoughts on “This Guy is Genius! He Made a Perfect RC Giant SR-71 Blackbird Remote Control Turbine Jet!

  1. John

    If you think that is fantastic, do a search for Lance Campbell’s SR-71 video…… it’s HUGE! And it is twin engined.

  2. Jose


  3. John P

    Sorry to contradict you but this a A-12 not Sr-71. This A-12 was flown by the CIA, The SR-71 was flown by the Air Force.

    1. admin

      Thanks a lot for your professional opinion John!

    2. Blackbird

      Actually, the blackbird family airframe with the tail number 06940 is an M-21 drone carrier. That airframe, along with 06941 were modified on the original assembly line from single seat A-12s to dual seat M-21s for the purpose of carrying the D-21 drone reconnaissance vehicle. 06941 was lost in a mid air collision attempting the fourth live launch of a D-21 and 06940 is on display at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.
      Mr Knobel’s aeronautical and mechanical engineering achievements are certainly impressive, but the SR-71 model designed and built by Lance Campbell is much larger, much more detailed and has a turbine engine in each nacelle instead of a single engine in the center fuselage.

      1. Lucien BURNOUF

        objet: SR71 de Mr ROGER KNOBEL
        S.V.P.une reponse a ma demande du 26 avril 2015
        Merci par avance.

  4. Lucien BURNOUF

    SR71de mr. Roger KNOPEL.tres belle realisation tres beaux vols .FELICITATIONS!-
    -les dérives sont- elles mobiles?(rudders)
    -utisez vous un gyroscope?
    -ou est l’entrée d’air pour le réacteur?
    Merci et encore félicitations!

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