We Give You The Best Dodge Ram Mudding Video Named “Bye Bye Transmission”! In Memory of Dan Dodge!

There is no one man out there, and we are talking real men that did not take its truck for some mud digging! And one man did it the best – DAN DODGE! He knew his truck, he knew everyone`s truck for that matter. However, this is the video that made a huge boom! The ultimate Dodge Ram Mudding!

The video represents Dan Dodge and his Ram heading to a new adventure. They are companied by his friends that actually shoot the video! As the Dodge driver enters a mud hole, it looks like there is no way out. As if it`s a mission impossible for the Dodge Ram!

The truck in stake is a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500. The famous mud digger for that matter! The Ram itself was a horse trailer hauler during its lifetime. The transmission broke right here in this video. However, it was going to happen eventually knowing its hard life time!

This truck has a 4″ suspension lift and 35×15 Interco boggers! You can easily notice the classic wheels – 16.5×12 MT. The Dodge Ram and Dan Dodge gave a hard time to that mud hole which resisted as much as it could. However, the deep tire tracks left behind are proof that Dodge Ram Mudding was powerful! Hell, the tracks can be used as trenches for as much as we are concerned!

We are very sorry that we got the information that person in this video passed away in 2011. We also got the info that he had huge knowledge of diesel truck engines, actually he knew the torque converter was on its way out.

He also had a backup trans and converter ready to go out of a 3/4 ton. Anyway it is good to know that his truck is actually still on the road today. His brother told us that Danny loved that truck very much. In memory of Dan Dodge!

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Enjoy the video below!

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