Timber! Watch out! Check out the footage in which the great power of Growi`s Baggerspalter2 is shown! If you are wondering what this might be, let us give you a brief introduction. The Baggersplater2 is an awesome German wood splitter machine that will shock you with its performances!

For who knows how long you had no idea how to deal with thick and massive tree stems! No matter what you tried there was simply no way you could split it and use it afterwards. Maybe that was the case before, but now we present you the BAGGERSPALTER2 with its powerful motor and tough cutter!

We are sure you will be impressed when you see how easy the lumberjack in this video is handling a massive stem! All you need is this high performance tool and your troubles are over! Even more, this backhoe is not noisy as backhoes usually are! It`s pleasant for the ears and makes that awesome `wood-cracking` sound as it gets the job done! That`s actually one of the main reasons people love it and recommend it! And we are no better either, our first contact with Baggerspalter2 was definitely what they call love at first split!

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