This Ferrari LaFerrari Model Decorates The Owner’s Living Room!

If you can`t get enough of your beloved vehicle, do like this person – instead of being in the garage the whole time looking at your car, park it in the living room! An anonymous owner of the Italian hypercar, allegedly from Slovakia, parked his Ferrari LaFerrari model in the middle of the living room! Apparently, this is the best way to watch TV, don`t you think?

Ferrari LaFerrari In A Living Room 1

Ferrari LaFerrari In A Living Room 4

Anyway, let us quickly remind you what kind of a machine this man is keeping in his living room. The Ferrari LaFerrari model is set in motion by a 6.3 liter V12 engine combined with an electric motor. Both deliver a total number of 900 horsepower and give a 0 to 60 time which is less than 3 seconds!

Finally, read some history and specs here!