Constructing The World’s Smallest Miniature Engine! The W-18 Is Engineering Art!

Oh my God, whilst watching this great video, we felt like almost being hypnotized – it is that good! It is a segment (part 8) of an entire documentary on designing and construction of a perfect miniature W18 engine, with a compressed air injection engine that is exploiting the air as a source of energy that gives the engine a power to work. It is called Teoricamente, and it is a set of mechanical parts that has the ability to operate with any power source and to turn it into energy. It is a brilliant work of “Los motores Patelo”, who dedicates this incredible piece of state-of-the-art engineering to all fans of mechanical engineering. To put it simply, this miniature engine is an engineering marvel! We are more than happy that we are sharing it with everyone on this website!

As you are about to see it for yourself, it is wonderfully shot video that will completely overwhelm you and leave you mesmerized, we know because it did those things to us. Starting to assemble it from the very first component, one by one, until the whole machine is ready and done and starts working. Plus the powerful music of Tomas Newman`s soundtrack “The Horse Whisperer” will put you in a state of hypnosis. This miniature engine is consisted of 469 pieces and 388 screws! The life span of the miniature W-18 engine is 1850 hours! For something so small, you have to admit that is quite impressive! To be honest, we find everything about this small engine to be impressive! We are not going to waste any more words, and will let you watch this great video. We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy the video just like we did!

Lastly, follow this link to find out more about Nissan tiny powerful engine!

Enjoy the video below!

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