The World’s Fastest Street Legal Car? 6.16 sec at 219 MPH!

If we are to believe our eyes and ears, than this really is the world`s fastest street legal car and the title is going into the hands of its builder and constructor, Drag Week multiple champion, Larry Larson. I say `if we believe`, because somehow, there are a lot of things on this car that does not look very legal to me, but than again, I could be wrong – even though I seriously doubt that.

However, it is official called the fastest street legal car that managed to do a fantastic job on the drag strip by hitting a quarter mile in just 6.16 seconds at 219 miles per hour, as we can all see it on the video.

But, as above mentioned, I think that this monster should go through some massive modifications (especially when it comes to the fuel system) on the cabin, as well as many other mechanical details, so that we can all it a street legal car. On the other hand, I`m perfectly aware that there is a reason why the class is being called Unlimited, but still…

However, after all it is the least important thing, the point is that Larry Larson did it again. He is the owner of the fastest street legal car that can do 6.16 at the strip. See how it looks.

Anyway, are you interested in the fastest boats of the world?

Enjoy the video below!

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