The VOLKSWAGEN Beetle Dune Is Ready For The Deserts!

The original Volkswagen Beetle did a great job as many drivers are happy with it. However, many owners wanted to create an off-road machine as they modified this one into the famous Baja Bug! This amazing VOLKSWAGEN Beetle Dune was inspired by that legendary legacy and will be presented at the LA auto Show!

volkswagen beetle dune desert cover

volkswagen beetle dune desert 4

volkswagen beetle dune desert 7

The powertrain this beauty has is not to be underestimated. It is consisted of 1.8 tsi four-cylinder able to produce 170 HP as well as 184 lb-ft of Torque! Enjoy it and if you have the chance to visit the LA Auto Show, do not miss the BEETLE DUNE!

Anyway, how much do you know about Hitler’s Beetle?

volkswagen beetle dune desert 3