The Thrash Brothers Shredded Melting Rubber in some BEATEN UP DRIFT MACHINES!

Thrash Brothers Shredded BEATEN UP DRIFT MACHINES

The Thrash Brothers shredded melting rubber on and off the track at the Old Bridge Raceway!

Look how real professionals drift! Between them there is more than 10 years of experience. In order to perform such drifts they use NEXEN performance tires. At the very beginning of the video you can see who is going to drive. They do it so well, that reminds us of the drift races from Need For Speed (Underground 2 per say)! When we watch them drifting on the edge of the road we imagine the score in the top right corner of the screen! However, this is a real life situation although it is perfectly performed as in video game. The background music is great, but in our opinion they could`ve left some real life sound as well.

Enjoy the video below!

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