The Story About Ronin Motorcycle Has Just Blown My Mind!

As much as we are use to watching new and attractive models of motorcycles, there is always something new that is appearing on the surface in the world of bikes. The following example that we have prepared for you in this post is really something worth of your attention -- a custom built Ronin motorcycle.

One of the things that have to be mention is that this one is a real American built monster on two wheels. As you know well, most of the bikes we come across are usually based on the European or Asian models, but a few years ago, Denver based Magpul gave us their new concept Ronin motorcycle. The bases are taken from the US built Buell 1125 R model, and than later, guys mounted other components which converted it into a new and original model.

Besides the fuel tank, which is obviously Buell, everything else is custom built, like the stacked headlamps, the radiator that is relocated a bit higher and in front of the triple tree and many other parts. Magpul have announced that only 47 Ronin Warrior units will be produced and each one will have its name engraved on the body and on the toolkit. The price will be around $40 000.

Finally, read what the word Ronin actually means!

Enjoy the video below!

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