The Scariest TAKE OFFS & LANDINGS With A Crosswind!

Check out the Scariest TAKE OFFS & LANDINGS situations and try to stay relaxed…


As we all know all the pilots have very special education and training before they even get to the pilot’s cabin. We all know how experienced they are, what kind of skills they have and why they get paid big money. A lot of things should be settled and many elements should be kept in line in order to make sure the flight will be perfectly safe. It’s a bunch of complicated controls and check ups before the plane got approved to go in the air.

Therefore we will take a look at some of the most dangerous and intense situations during landings and take offs. Obviously all of these pilots are very experienced and they are using their ability to take off or get down the plane safely. It is very very hard to land a massive aircraft if there is a very strong crosswind hitting the runway.

With all of those passengers and luggage inside, together with the huge weight of the aircraft it self, it must be very very hard to get the plane down safely. These situations might be very stressful knowing all the factors can come up while landing or taking off an airplane.

We are pretty sure you will have even more appreciation for the pilot who push the planes to the sky after watching this video. All of those thrilling situations will give you shivers, however it is always good when it ends good.

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