Russian Monster VIKING 29031 Is Advanced Vehicle By Aton!

You`ll have to get a little comfy for this one, pick your favorite spot, turn up the speakers and lay back! We are going to show you what we like to call the Russian Answer to Land Rover-- VIKING 29031! We`ve all seen different off-roaders nowadays, different shapes, sizes, from the tine little Suzuki Jimny to the Hummer!

Well, somewhere in the middle, the VIKING 29031 is to be found! Russia is a country that can get so cold during the winter that it can make your eyelids freeze! The Viking 29031 is made for Russia, by a company called ATON!

The vehicle cannot brag about its` beauty, cause it`s not! It has chunky tires, rugged look and way too much ground clearance! However, it`s not here to be handsome, it`s here to be the best OFF-ROAD VEHICLE!

The vehicle is available with two motors: ZMZ 51432-10TD1 diesel that is able to create 110 PS and 270 Nm of TORQUE and a Ford DW10 that can produce up to 163 PS and 320 Nm! The top speed, however, for both engines is almost 50 miles per hour! Check it out!

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