The ONE WHEEL Can Finally Be Ridden With NO PROBLEMS?!

So, last year you had the chance to see the One wheel prototype version which didn`t seem quite rideable. But this time, the One wheel was presented on the 2015 CES and seems to be taken to a whole new level! The engineers have made it more approachable by fixing all the flaws it had the last time. It is now more secure, easier to ride and can go places the last one could only dream of!

With the gigantic Go kart wheel in the middle you can overcome every obstacle that comes in your way. It is a great thing to ride in colleague campuses and it is a great thing to have in order to avoid traffic jams as well. It is easy to learn how to ride it. You don`t need months and months of practice just to step on it. Sam Sheffer was able to go forward as soon as he stepped on the board. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that you don`t need to look for a fresh paved surface to ride it, you can go over rocks and lawns which makes it kind of an off-road vehicle!

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