This season we have seen a lot of methods of how to deal with snowy and icy roads. We had the opportunity to see how Turkish people tackle with this problem. Next were the Canadians who make snow removal looks easy as pie, and finally we went to Norway to see what vehicles this country uses in order to clear the massive amount of snow off the roads. However, today we come up with another amazing innovation that will definitely help you to go off-roads wherever you like, even if that is a snowy mountain road. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next generation snow chains that can finally be put to any tires regardless their size.

That means that this product can be easily used on all vehicles such as trucks, cars and motorbikes. In comparison with the other similar products, these next generation snow chains help you to have an excellent off-road performance, including no vibrations on the steering wheel. So, hesitate no more. Click on the video bellow and see the simple installment and the fascinating function of this product.

Plus, if you want to see the second part of the footage, follow this link.