When you are having such an awesome and jaw-dropping new hypercar on the market, it seems like there is never enough of it, no matter how many new videos and reviews we see or read about it. The new Aventador Lamborghini Superveloce is simply so great and appealing, that we have felt that we must show you this new Evo video review about it, as well.

Those of you who are following the supercar scene, know well that the regular Lamborghini Aventador is not a car that has a lack of performance capabilities or anything alike. But the Italian engineers of Lamborghini would not be what they are, if they do not find a way to ramp everything previous up a notch. And that is how we get the 750-4 Superveloce, with significant weight loss, improved aerodynamics and suspension, and with extra new 50 HP, which gives it a total of 740 HP!

The powerful V12 engine is mated to a seven-speed single clutch, but dual shifting rod trans, and an all-wheel drive system. It can hit from 0 to 60 in only 2.8 seconds, and the top speed is over 217 mph!

But you better take a look at the Lamborghini Superveloce and find out everything you want to know about it! And for even more data and details about the Aventador SV, go to this link.