THE MILKMAN Is The World’s Fastest Diesel Truck Ever!

It seems like it is impossible to have one record or one uniquely made vehicle to remain that way for a bit longer period of time, when we are talking about mega trucks. When it comes to this `department` in the world of heavy vehicles, things are in constant movement, so we are always finding (or they are finding us, there is not really any difference) new things, new examples and performances, made and done by some mega truck out there. Thus, what we have here is the fastest Diesel Truck, the so called The Milk Man Mega Mud Truck, which as you will see it for yourself, it gives one hell of a great performance, down at this summer`s Dennis Anderson`s Muddy Motorsports Park event.

It is powered by a 2006 model of Duramax Turbo Diesel engine, and as far as the specs about it goes, that is all we can give you for certainty. Taking to an account that we have received some info that there had been some changes made for this competition, anything else that we would tell you, will be a pure specification, and we do not want to do that!

So, regardless of this `minor shortage` of information, just relax and watch the spectacular and powerful presentation of the fastest mega truck on the planet!

Finally, learn more about the fastest diesel truck!

Enjoy the video below!

Enjoy the video below!