The force awakens this year and till then we have the pleasure to replay over and over one of the best automotive commercials of all time – “The FORCE: 2012 Passat”. After 3 years since its first release, the cute mini Darth Vader story today owns the title: world`s most shared Super Bowl ad of all time. As you may now, this award-winning VW ad was the one that initiate the trend for car manufacturers to become more creative and unique while presenting their products throughout TV commercials. There is no doubt that the history of the automotive marketing is fulfilled with remarkable campaigns, radio commercials and TV spots, especially during the Super Bowl, but the knack for a worldwide success lies right in the video below.

Some argue that the reason why this commercial is absolutely priceless and it has raised many sympathies is because a kid is involved in it. However, the way how everything is packed up in a sweet father-son relationship that everybody reckons to is just perfect and we must say a big bravo for the 6 years old Max Page who has marvelously portrayed the pint-sized Darth Vader. At last, congratulations to the Volkswagen Team who managed to create this epic commercial that will never be forgotten. Maybe they have to think now of another similar story, because with this VW ad, the force awakens this Christmas for sure.

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