The Fast Side Of The 2015 LA Auto Show! Check Out The Ford GT Racer!

We thought we`ve seen how people drool over cars in the past years! This time, we saw what people really look like when they are truly astonished by a vehicle, particularly – the FORD GT racer! The version is very similar to the one shown at the Detroit Show last year!

ford gt races la auto show 2015 cover

ford gt races la auto show 2015 3

By saying it is similar, we point out that it has carbon chassis, great aerodynamics bodywork! And as for the things under the hood, the 3.5 L Twin Turbo V6 is here to show us Ford`s Ecoboost technology! Let us not hold you any more, enjoy the gallery below!

Anyway, read some history about the Ford GT!

ford gt races la auto show 2015 9