600 HP ’69 CAMARO VS SRT 4 Neon! MUST SEE!

Don`t underestimate your opponent. It is just not right. At the end, you are going to end up embarrassed and surrounded by question marks. Also, this situation reminds us of a very famous tale about the hare and the turtle! You know it for sure! We are going to try and make a comparison between this occurrence and the tale. So, in this case the 1969 Camaro drives on the highway, the driver and the passenger are happy, confident, convinced that they can beat every car on the way. And here they have it, the first one on their path is a Dodge Neon SRT 4! And just like that, the CAMARO VS SRT 4 Neon is on!

Just driving regularly, like a turtle, obeying the road regulations until the hare, 1969 Camaro showed up and challenged the tuner on a duel. Without any hesitation the Neon accepted and waited for the start signal. After the start signal everything changed! The guys in the Camaro were not happy as they were, instead, they were surprised and shocked! On the other hand, the SRT 4 Neon held them a lecture. It doesn`t have to mean that if you have couple of hundreds of horsepower under the hood that you can mess around with everybody. Hope they got that!

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