James Wan Director of The Fast & The Furious 7: Latest News!

We are all excited to see the new Fast and Furious sequel. It is going to be released only one year after the Fast and Furious 6, and that is why the expectations are HUGE! We often talk about it as we mention Paul Walker, Vin Diesel but we rarely talk about the new head of the new sequel – James Wan Director! He is one heck of a director, that is for sure, but this is his first time to direct a WHOLE action movie! First time and boom, here comes a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY! To be honest, we are not worried because he has shown his qualities many times before!

See what he has to say about it!

At last, take a look at some Furious 6 mistakes!


The Director James Wan talks about the Fast & The Furious 7 and we have the details on the video bellow!