The BIGGEST RC Concorde On The Planet Is HERE! You Will FALL IN LOVE With This RC AIRCRAFT!

Most of us have grown up with all kinds of toys! And as we get older, our so called “toys“ also get technologically more advanced! Just look at the cars! You start out with little toy cars, until you grow up and get your very own car to drive! And for some, this logic also applies to airplanes! You start with paper airplanes you build for fun, and as you grow up, you get your very own RC aircraft!

And in this video, one person made his very own RC Concorde! It looks almost identical to the real legendary Concorde passenger jet, albeit much smaller! Now that is definitely one nice toy to have! And not only that, this RC Concorde can fly really well thanks to its 2 mighty engines! Just like the original, this RC aircraft takes on the skies without any problem whatsoever!

The inspiration for this RC Concorde comes from the famous Concorde passenger jet, a turbojet powered supersonic airplane that operated until 2003. The primary users of the Concorde passenger jet were British Airways and Air France, and that is probably why the RC aircraft in this interesting video is painted in the colors of British Airways. This impressive piece of technology was capable of reaching a maximum speed that was two times over the speed of sound, or to be more precise, Mach 2.04 (1,565.228 miles per hour)!

Amazing! At cruise altitude, the top speed of the plane was a more “humble“ 1,354 miles per hour! With that speed, the Concorde is one of only two supersonic transport jets that have been operated commercially! It is no wonder the RC Concorde in this video flies so well! Check it out in this video as it embraces the skies and enjoy!

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