The Best Drag Truck EVER! Peterbilt Coga Truck With Awesome Torque Destroys A Dodge Viper On The Dragstrip!

We always have those vehicles that make us easily underestimate them! We are pretty sure that if a HUGE TRUCK with a trailer attached to its rear end challenged you for a race, you would accept! For whatever amount of money! Moreover, you would have agreed in racing it with your bicycle!!! This is UNBELIEVABLE Ladies and Gentlemen, but this truck is UNBEATABLE!!! This Drag Truck is simply beating every opponent he has on this Drag Race event held in Switzerland! Many have tried to stop it, but this drag truck just wrecks them without mercy!

The drag truck that we are talking about is a Peterbilt Coga! Peterbilt trucks are some pretty special creations! Very often they were built under extreme secrecy. For example, the Coga Andre Gagnon monsters with 1200HP brought huge envy with rival manufacturers! But, in this video we can see this Coga drag truck racing against a Dodge Viper! Of course you would think that the Viper has the upper hand. However, you are in for a big treat!

It is widely known that the Dodge Viper is a real monster on the dragstrip. With its beastly 8.4L V10 engine that is full aluminum has a perfect power to rate ratio! At over 5600 RPM it can produce 500HP! And its notorious engine can generate 535 pound feet of torque! However, despite this fascinating numbers, the Viper still got beaten by the monstrous Peterbilt Coga drag truck! But, what is the catch?

We believe that if you implement a few custom secrets and finishes on the Gagnon`s engine it can be made to produce over 2500HP! Meaning that this Coga rig can actually have more power than some fighter planes! Peterbilt rules them all! Find out everything about this BEAST of a truck! Check it out and please share your thoughts with us, before you go!

Learn more about the Coga Truck by following this link!