Check out how the TESLA HYPERLOOP Hits New SPEED RECORD!


As we all know we could be lost with the huge amount of information that are delivered to us every day. From the start of the social media the things got even worst, because every day we watch and read a lot of entertaining information. With all of those info in our head we can not stay focused for the big things happening every day.

Tesla Hyperloop developed by Elon Mask will be able to travel huge distances with unprecedented speeds. Actually this could be the fastest way of travel, even much faster than the airplane. Because you will not travel to the airport out of town, you will not wait 2 hours before you are boarded on the plane and you will not wait for your luggage for half an hour.

Hyperloop will take your from one town to another very fast and even without leaving the ground. So, we hope we will see how this thing operates around the country and the world relatively soon.

In the video below you could see the phase two of the Hyperloop testing. You can even check the interior of this thing and see how this thing might look like. We hope to see Hyperloop available very very soon for public consumption because we could see us riding in this thing in the next decade.

Do you think this will become a reality? Can you see yourself traveling with the Hyperloop ?

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