Take A Seat & Enjoy The 2016 Honda Pilot FIRST DRIVE!

The second-generation of the Honda Pilot was a target for a variety of criticism, mainly negative in the Automotive world. It looked big and heavy at the wrong time, when the trends were being set by the car based crossovers. To repair their mistakes, the executives of the Japanese corporation have decided to completely change the look and the performance of the third generation. By that they made the 2016 Honda Pilot have a less brutal look and be more fuel-efficient.

However, critics today have attacked the poor profile of the model, as the proportions are changed dramatically in comparison with its predecessors. The hood is lower, the CUV is longer, and that will probably influence the value of the 280 HP Pilot. The small space at the back seats is the other problem that also caught the eye of the public!
Anyway, we are here today to see the first drive of this new Honda model. It needs around 7,5 seconds to achieve 60 mph thanks to its 3.5L V6 engine. The base price is around $30,000!

The 2016 Honda Pilot FIRST DRIVE 3

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